AppAcademy #8: Future of Apps & Advertising


Join us for an exciting event 17.06 at MESH from 17.00, where we will showcase new opportunities with innovative technologies from global leaders. Image & Object recognition, Augmented Reality, Cloud-computing.

David Marimon, Ph.D, a global thought-leader within the future of mobile computing is opening the show,  he is considered an AR pioneer with more than 11 years domain experience, and spoken frequently at the Mobile World Congress over the last years

Google’s Cloud Evangelist,  Guillaume Leygues, will share how global app leaders like Snapchat and Angry Birds are using their innovative technologies.

mCASH will give us insights into their multimillion app marketing launch, The Innovation Effect, an app for female entrepreneurs, will share experiences from their ongoing crowdfunding campaign, Phonr, Norways newest app will be presented for the first time in public, and the latest innovations from Travelhack Open 2014 and Startup Weekend Oslo will be presented


- David Marimon: New apps and advertising opportunities with IR and AR
- Guillaume Leygues: Scalable apps and Big Data analytics
- mCASH: Insights from their market launch campaing
- TIE 2.0: TIE is sharing their crowdfunding experiences
- Phonr: Showcasing Norways newst app
- TravelHack 2014: Learn about the newest travel apps innovations
- Startup Weekend Oslo winners presenting

Date: 17.06
Time: 1700-20.00 (program starts 17:30)
Venue: MESH (Tordenskioldsgate 3)


David Marimon, PhD, CEO Catchoom

New Apps and Advertising opportunities with Image Recognition and Augmented Reality

David Marimon is the CEO of Catchoom, Former Project Manager of Mobile Augmented Reality and Contextual Services at Telefónica R&D. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Vision and Augmented Reality from EPFL, Switzerland.

Guillaume Leygues, Cloud Evangelist, Google

Scalable apps and Big Data analytics

Guillaume Leygues is Cloud Evangelist at Google Northern Europe, based in Stockholm. He helps start-ups develop, launch and run their products and services on Google's Cloud Platform. Prior to Google he was a Senior Solution Architect at Verizon Terremark,

Tone Ringstad, Chair, Silicon Vikings

Opportunities in Silicon Valley

As a founder of values@work she has built a management consulting business based on values driven change. Tone holds a Master of Science in Applied Geophysics from the University of Oslo


Insight from the mCASH market launch

mCASH will share how they launched the mCASH app and some of their insights & experience entering into the market

The Innovation Effect

TIE 2.0, an app crowdfunding campaign,

TIE will share their experiences launching an innovative crowdfunding campaign to raise money for building a prototype of the 2.0 version of their app


Phonr, Norway’s newst app,

The Phonr App helps to find the most reasonable and best mobile subscription plans based on calculating how much you are actually using your phone.
With a few clicks the user gets a list over the subscriptions plans that suits their needs the best.

Travelhack Open 2014

Learn about the latest innovations from TravelHack 2014

TravelHack Norge (held in May) is an exciting 24-hour coding marathon bringing together technology enthusiast, innovative companies, high-tech professionals, developers and designers to build new and innovative travel applications.

Startup Weekend Oslo

Presenting the winners

Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. I

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Event co-host Silicon Vikings

Silicon Vikings have been connecting the business and technology sector in the Nordic Regionto Silicon Valley through collaborations, exchange of knowledge and events for the last 15 years. Step by step we have integrated these unique areas and brought together the best of two worlds.

Today we can offer our members a network and an organization of a great value. We are a non-profit organization that primarily focuses on making sure that our members reach new levels of excellence by creating great networking opportunities and build the bridge between the Nordics and Silicon Valley even stronge

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